Dússe Talk by @EarlSkee … Vol.1


      ::::::In Honor of Kobe Bryant Bowing Out This Season::::

When you Appreciate More You’ll Win More, Keep a Clean Heart You’ll win More, You Wanna Win More and Keep A Rich Heart No Negative Talk negative talk is just a pathway to failure. We gonna win more in 2016 less announced moves we just gonna show and prove …vol 1 of Dússe Talk is about Winning and that’s what were gonna Do. We will  NEVER Notice Those Who Are Playing Their Self. when Kobe was young and down 4 points in his last seconds he took over the game he stayed calm and just did what he suppose to do, with kobe retiring that’s what were gonna base this year off staying calm and staying in control. But First and Foremost don’t ever play yourself, 2016 we gotta do better in every aspect of life we need more motivated positive all around Good People. We need more excitement from Girlfriends We Need less sneaky women. We need more private snaps during the day. We need more sexy pics to good men. Its hard being a Good Fella In these times. So Ladies Don’t Ever Play Yourself That One Good guy Won’t Come Back Around till 37281010831 years later. So spoil him before he Really Realizes How your Playing yourself for not appreciating him. We need more of everything positive. just don’t play yaself, at any giving moment just remember not to do that. Evil people in sneaky women opened my eyes to win more and that’s what I’m gonna do. This is just Random This is Just Me Sitting in the club Mixing A Drink this is just me figuring out how I’m gonna tackle things in 2016. This is me ignoring somebodys girlfriend tweaking with no shoes on infront of me, This is me not playing myself and reviewing what I gotta do to win more. Major key to a better future having women you can count on around. Less partners more communication, these hoes don’t want Us to win they want us miserable and loving they ignorant ass. We Gonna Love Our on Women so much we gonna make them feel like theirs nothing else too see.  How real is that what else is their too see after REAL LOVE? I currently have a Hangover so I’m gonna wrap this up 2016 is next week let’s execute the win,let’s love our women, let’s stay positive. Have a Good Sunday! And Remember Don’t Play Yourself.


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