The Perfect GirlFriend

Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks … Has nothing to do with what I’m bout to say just fit the moment. But hello there!  The Great Trey Songz Once Said She don’t care if I go to the strip club. She wanna go too” now How Many Of yall Girls going to thje strip club or club with you on a regular night? yeah i thought so.  No female is perfect not one. Besides Beyonce that bitch is a unicorn so that don’t count … But there’s issss a few quality’s in a person that makes them a awesome person .. Here are the quality’s of a perfect girlfriend  may seem like a negative thing but just…. Bare with me!

 “she’s annoying”
Nothing says “I love you” like a good cock block of fun she can suck the fun outta you physically or mentally. You have a plan she doesn’t she hits you with “ohhh again? Your just a regular party animal huh” … Aren’t you tired of the club yet? .. Your lil girlfriend gonna be there (classic shade here!) Blah blah blahhhhh …if she cant come there will be no FUN for you know why? .. Cause simply your gonna hear bout it later and when you do your gonna wish you put that bottle service money up. Cause her annoying ass is gonna drill it into your head for a week. (who gonna admit they dont care?) if she ask how was the club just keep it light and say some shit like i shoulda been with you or something …. If She is a Hater She is a Perfect 10!

 “Her home girls are boring as fuck”

Its usually a group of stuck up chicks in a party! A boring group some hoes, some promoter hunters etc.. You get where I’m going?,.. But this set of boring chicks might just be the most popular group in the party!!! Well why you asked? Cause they’re with the head niggaz of the party. Lol usually a set of 8! 3 baby moms. A clueless one, the messy one, the nosy one, (just going off top),and two hoes but they be trying to change but they been hurt so they be like fuck niggas but they still be fucking a nigga that belong to somebody else. But the moral of this .. They’ll be on the scene for one party a month. And the rest of there nightlife scene is bars.

Just to say “she ain’t gonna fuck you like I am,” shell try to fuck your brains out … My greatest advice to you let her. Let her get her exercise off you my Gee, Bitches love thinking that they cant be replaced. So You gotta let her take control and do her thing. and then walk out like X did in belly lol.

Her Home Girls Part 2.

The Pic Really dont have nothing with nothing the shit just wild funny lmao …. but Her Homegirls Really Hate You Cause You Live Like They Realllllllly Hate You. Some Might Respect You Cause you really a Good Dude and Some May Hate You Cause They Think You a CornBall and Thats Just The End. But one Secret dig you! … your girl always have atleast one hoe snake friend!

Social Networks.

She aint all extra on the net .. like posting you in every pic on insta .. all lovely dovey people already know what it is .. but If your popping and your one of them niggaz your bitch is instanly becomes a threat to the ratchets no greater hate in the ratchet community.  Then the Main Girlfriend .Why He With Her? Lemme Take a Look at Her Page? She Swear she all that cause ____________ , This Bitch Blocked me .. blah blah blahhh !!! somebody from the sidelines is always following ya past of shortys to look at the pattern … classic one .. “Ohhhh he put a pic up with her!!! smh”  so if she is constantly putting her page on private somebody is Lurkkkin! or nah?

Last But Not Least!

when yall break up .. yall really dont break up! (only a few with get this!) ….. You would always know when its really Over! lol!

Now Now I Know what yall thinking, What about Trust? What about Love? what about all that other shit, all that other shit is blended in. If your Girl is not a hater, she is not the perfect girl for you .. if she lets you live but hates on your fun she just might be the one for you. She Doesnt Mean Any Harm, Shes Either a Very Boring, Or SHes Letting You Live. lol So My Guys Heres a Test its very simple. Go out every weekend for 3 weeks if you dont witness some kinda shade being thrown by the 2nd week … Dog! she took her Talent Elsewhere . Stay Real! ….1 untill next time!

Earl Skee.


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