Its Levels to this Shit: HER GLOW

Last Night I Went to the Movies too see, The Butler Extremely Dope Message. What Caught My Eye Most Was YaYa, She Played a Black Activist in the movie a Power Young Black Women  She was a Freedom Rider and all that other kind of Black Panther Malcom X Kinds of shit. lol

I Was Instantly In Love, Yaya Has That Twinkle Its Different’s kinds of Twinkles But this twinkle was a Good Twinkle, a Powerful Twinkle One of those looks that make your soul feel good. Only Great Mothers and Great Women Have This Look. You Can Just Look at a bitch and see she aint no good. I Judge off how their kids looks and how they’re tweeting its not just twitter if she tweeting about wild shit. Her Thought Process is all fucked up .. But Carrying on. Its Levels to  a Ladys Glow. Here are some.

Happy About Life Glow- This is The YaYa Glow  I Was Talking Bout. Yaya is Curretly  Prego AND MY GODDDDDDDDD is she goregous, Smiling in every interview, Smiling in all her Pictures, Just Smiling New Kid On The Way, New Movie Doing Good. Just Loving Life, For a Regular Female She Loves Going to Work School and Clubbin here and there. Has only one nigga she is entertaing And if She Has a Kid, Thats Her Life and hangs around 4 or 5 Females who do the same. Her Ratchet Switch Consisit of Getting Drunk and Going to work with with a hangover thats where it stops. Salute to My Happy women.

Miserable Glow –  We All Know a Miserable Bitch when we see one, she is usually the one comfortable with juggling niggaz, and sharing her pussy,  But Mad Like Somebody Making Her Do the Stupid shit she doing. smh. These Kinds of Bitches Need Hugs and Love.

Pretty Girl Glow-  She Really ant got nothing going on But School,Work and Being Boring She Might Hit the Club Once every 3 months, she is more into her books and life then niggaz and other shit. if she do have a nigga she prolly made this nigga go thru every loophole just to lay in the same bed.  Looks can be deceiving tho gotta be careful with this kind of glow. Pretty Girls Can Be Very SNEAKY!!

Hoe glow- Scary Glow, Very Very Very Verrrrrry Scary Glow Cause This The Kind of girl has Every Kind Of Quality you might like in a women. she might dress right but think like Rihanna, or Act Like Miley Cirus when No One is Looking. a Very Confusing Glow cause you never know what kind of Bitch your gonna get with this kind of glow. You Really Gotta know that its levels to this glow shit to spot this glow. kinda glow just know she aint right.

BABY/MILF GLOW – Now This Glow Is Special. In High School Some Girls Wasnt Really all that, well they was just plan ol wack, no nigga wanted nothing to do with them. they got older, then BANG!!! they popped out a child. They put that baby weight on, then just became drop dead gorgeous.  No Punch Line to that lol Baby Weight Help alot of females out.

I can keep going on and on and on and on about Females With Dope Glows, Just Find your Innner Glow and Flourish in these Streets. My Favorite tho! The Happy Pretty Girl. Yall Take Care.


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